Trauma Therapy

Trauma Regulation Integration Process
Online Training & Supervision for Professionals

The T.R.I.P. is a powerful and integrative approach that combines essential therapy interventions  to treat the impact of traumatic experiences, abusive or neglectful sufferings, (chronic) distress, and wounding attachment dynamics.
Monique brings her expertise to the forefront with TRIP's unique blend of eye-brain techniques, internal attachment-based Parts work, emotion focused practices, somatic strategies and attachment theory.

In addition to expanding the scope and application of the eye-brain techniques, she has developed the three Core Processes, the Projection, Permission & Compassion process. The powerful combination of the integrative skill set used to facilitate the three core processes creates profound transformation for clients navigating the complexities of living life well.

Key Elements of TRIP:
 Eye-Brain Techniques: A set of fascinating techniques that involve covering one eye at a time.  The various techniques allow differential access to  our neural networks and brain pathways enhancing our ability to regulate and integrate the aftermath of trauma, attachment wounds and distress.

Attachment-Based Parts Work: TRIP recognizes that being forced to abandon one's own needs, competing attachment demands,  dissociation, and overwhelming distress can lead to an internal disconnect from our authentic self and fragmentation. TRIP focuses on rebuilding the internal connection by ensuring a compassionate attachment between the various aspects of Parts of ourselves.

.Somatic Strategies: processing psychosomatic signals is central to TRIP.
Emotion-Focused Practices: Working one eye open at a time, clients explore and deepen their emotional responses to events. By understanding, labelling and processing emotions, individuals can reduce distress and enhance coping mechanisms.

Attachment Theory by Gordon Neufeld: oTRIP integrates attachment theory, emphasizing the importance of secure connections. Whether it’s parent-to-child, caregiver-to-child, or teacher-to-child relationships, TRIP addresses attachment wounds and fosters healing.

“Monique is a very skilled teacher. The T.R.I.P model synergizes concepts from other therapy models in a practical way to help practitioners guide clients to navigate regulation and co-regulation of trauma symptoms. I have taken a number of other trainings in this area and I found Monique's training to provide the most practical resources to support my work with clients.”

- Joel P